Preventing Pet Overpopulation One Animal at a Time

It’s not hard seeing the relationship between the increase in spays and neuters and the decline in our Animal Service Center Pet Intakes. In seven years time, pet intakes have Decreased by over 50%. That is truly amazing!

How did this happen so fast? Who do we thank?

Tallahassee has many organizations that provide spay/neuter services who partner with local Veterinarians who donate their time and resources.

Our Animal Service Center and County Animal Control, along with the support of our City and County Commissions have made strategic changes to their programs in order to improve the chance that a pet in their care will be adopted.

Our local Pet Rescues, Adoption organizations and Feral Cat groups have worked hard to keep animals from entering our shelter.

And YOU have made a difference each time you spay or neuter a pet, spread the spay/neuter message, or donate your time and resources to help others get their pets “fixed” and stop the cycle of suffering that pet overpopulation brings.

I see our work for the dogs and cats continuing this year and the next and on and on..until all are loved and cared for properly!

Thank you for a great year and here’s to an even better 2016!

Gerry Phipps, President