Preventing Pet Overpopulation One Animal at a Time
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Together, we can "FIX" the
animal overpopulation problem.

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What's the Best Kind of Pet?

A Wanted One.


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They are more than just animals.

They're our companions.

Help us keep them out off the streets and out of the shelters.


The mission of Be The Solution, Inc. is to educate Tallahassee area residents about the need for spay and neuter surgeries and to give financial assistance to residents who otherwise cannot afford the surgery cost to prevent pet overpopulation and ultimately euthanasia.



Beginning January 1, 2015, Be The Solution, Inc. will increase it’s spay/neuter surgery copays for those residents who cannot demonstrate financial need. Our new copay schedule will still provide great discounts to all, regardless of their financial situation.

Why are we doing this, you ask?   The truth is that there is greater need in the community and less money. We want our surgery dollars to go further – to complete MORE surgeries. We need our pet owners who can afford a little more to pay a little more.

Our mission to end pet overpopulation by funding more and more surgeries will not be deterred. This increase will allow us to fix more pets. We appreciate your understanding and support.

New Copay Rates 2015

Our voucher must be for your personal companion pet and you must come in person to receive it for yourself with your driver’s license or identification card.

If you qualify for a PON voucher, you must also bring one of the following items:

  • EBT Food Stamp Card
  • Medicaid Card
  • Unemployment Check Stub
  • Disability Check Stub
  • Unemployment Check Stub and most recent tax return
  • Previous year tax return demonstrating a one adult household with income less than $25,000 per year.
  • Previous year tax return demonstrating a two adult household with income less than $40,000 per year.


Tuesday and Thursday 11 am to 1 pm
Saturday 12 noon to 3 pm
at The Fix Thrift Shop
1210 Capital Circle SE, Unit B, Tallahassee, FL 32301
“Corner of Apalachee Parkway and Capital Circle in the Cross Creek Shopping Square
next to the Tax Collector’s office and the Dollar Tree.”


Thank you to Sonny’s Real Pit BBQ,  2014 Presenting Sponsor

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2014 Tally Top Pet Winner

"Manny" (Manuel Ramirez) was rescued from a group called the Dead Dog Beach Project in Puerto Rico after seeing a photo of him on Facebook. He was used as a bait dog and suffered terrible injuries that resulted in the loss of his leg. A police officer saw him being attacked and contacted the rescue group who rushed him into surgery to amputate his leg. They weren't sure that he would live because his wounds were so bad...
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Need Help Fixing Your Pet?

Be the Solution offers free and low cost spay and neuter vouchers to people who qualify in our community. Contact us today to learn more.
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Help Us End Pet Overpopulation

We can't end pet overpopulation on our own. We need your help. Help us keep unwanted pets off the streets and out of our shelters. Donate today. Every dollar helps.
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